Rules For LMP1


Any true 1/24 scale representation of a 1/1 LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype) car that has raced in the American Le Mans Series or the European Le Mans Series in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

The Oreca Racing ‘FLM’ Formula Le Mans car is not classified as LMP1 or LMP2 in either the LMS or ALMS and therefore is not permitted to run in the OEPS.
2.01 Minimum totalweight: 170.00 grams
2.03 Maximum front spur: 83.00 millimeters
2.04 Maximum rear spur: 83.00 millimeters
2.05 Minimum ground clearance at the start of the race is 1.20 millimeter 
2.06 Minimum ground clearance for the chassis during and after the race: 0.40 millimeter
2.07 Minimum front rim diameter, inner and outer: Ø20.00 mm inner and Ø21.00 mm outer
2.08 Minimum front wheel outer diameter: Ø26.50 mm
2.09 Minimum front wheel width 6.00 mm
2.10 Minimum front rim width 6.00 mm
2.11 Minimum width of contact area 6.00 mm
2.12 Maximum front wheel camber angle: 3.00°
2.13 Maximum width of chassis: 78mm
2.14 Minimum and Maximum Wheelbase. Click here for the Wheelbase Chart and dimensions for all cars.
3.01 The handout race motor is the SRP-13D Speed40  short can 40,000 rpm motor.
3.02 The pignon and spur gear is fixed at 9:44T M50 pitch respectively. Teams must provide their own pinion gear.
3.03 Racing will be done on 11V.
4.01 Only one part of the chassis is allowed to enter the track’s slot, and this part may not have a longer contact area then
27 millimeters.
4.02 Differentials are not allowed.
4.03 Magnets are only present in the motor, and are not allowed anywhere else on/in the chassis.
4.04 The motor can not be fixed to the chassis with solder.
The front wheels must make contact with the track or techblock over the full 6 millimeters, or more.
The use of cambered front wheels does not void in any way the rule regarding the minimum diameter, nor the rule regarding the contact surface with the track or the tech block.
Front wheel diameter for cambered front wheels will be measured at the largest present diameter, which has to be respecting rule 1.08.
Rear wheels are handout Scaleauto ProComp wheels, trued to Ø27.3 mm – Ø27.4 mm, 13 mm wide, Ø20 mm inside. Tyre dressing of any kind is not allowed during the official training or during the race. The hand out race tyres may be only be cleaned by using the tape supplied by the OEPS organization.
None of the wheels may be visible when looked on the assembled car from above. Spur will be measured over the complete rims left and right.
All 4 wheels of the car must be fitted with 3-dimensional wheel inserts, resembling the wheels of the real 1:1 car, during the entire race duration
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Rules 6-10 coming on next post!